ISECOM / Institute of Semiotic and Mass Culture & Mass Communication
ISEPOL / Institute of Semiotic Politic and Public Communication




- Date of the Congress: wednesday 19 to saturday 22 of October of 2005.

- Place: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon; Mexico

- Organizing Committee: to see link in superior bar

- Pre-Register: far as July 31, 2005 (by attach in Registration form)

- Final Register: from July 15 far as October 10, 2005.

Request of scholarships: Send a solicitude by e-mail to Committee of Scholarship with your name, address, university, level of studies, phone and e-mail (;

- Host of the Congress: Great Universitary Library “Raúl Rangel Frías”
of the Autonomus University of Nuevo León

- General Program: panels/ sections/ Tables of work: to see links of superior bar

- Plenary Conferences: to see link ‘General program’ in link superior bar

- Groups of discussion [coloquios]: idem

- Profile of confirmed lecturers: to see link ‘Lecturers’

- Artistic and cultural events (Work of teather, folkloric dances, jazz concerts, etc.): calendar in stand by

- Special presentations (magazine designs of the Federación Latinoamericana de Semiotica; book “Semiotic of the Mass-Media”, etc.)

- Social events (Mexican night, suppers, celebrations, etc.): calendar in stand by



- Map of the city

- Airlines (aprox. prices)

- Hotels (aprox. prices)

-Restaurants, audiences, theaters, malls, etc.

- Public transport


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